A handy index to the first page of each story

The Darkness of The Light

Vampires, Wolfmen and plot twists. A Halloween story written for Calamity Jon’s Boo! Halloween Stories project. Maybe in 2006, maybe in 2005. It was a while ago is what I’m saying.

From the Shower, I Nearly Saved the World.

One of my very few attempts at humor, this story was largely written as catharsis. It features monkeys, feces flinging and caricatures of political figures.

Dug In

A squad of soldiers deals with the immediate problems and realities of survival after they’re ambushed in the open desert with little cover, water, or hope.

Goodbye Stranger

In this single page comic the Fillbach brothers pay their respects to the out going Commander in Chief and give a brief glimpse of what’s to come for the new one.

Happy Birthday, Major Tom

Major Tom Reynolds and his crew of one are on a deep space exploration vessel. They awake from cryogenic slumber for a single day each year to preform their duties on a trip that will last several lifetimes. For hundreds of years every day is Major Tom’s birthday, until something goes wrong.

Corner Shot, No Magic

Nadine and Roger take a road trip. Neither one of them are particularly interested in getting where they’re going though.