Roninspoon Theater is updated weekly on Monday when there are new comics. When there aren’t new comics, it’s updated somewhat more irregularly. Roninspoon Theater is a terrible name, but I already owned the domain, and this seemed as good as anything else that didn’t use a swear word. Feel free to send me your suggestions in a self addressed stamped envelope to 1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613. All suggestions will be considered.

Who? Me?Ed Hawkins has been nominated for zero Hugo awards and has never won a Pulitzer prize. Although Ed was a runner up for the Wultitzer Prize, his publications remain minor and obscure, and include Tales from Fremont Street, a comic in support of the Las Vegas Valley Library district that inexplicably features strippers and murder. Not really library friendly material in retrospect. Ed believes that his writing may be among the best of his generation. He knows this, because his dog tells him so.




Beat all you ever sawMatt and Shawn Fillbach hail from the wintery wastes of Montana. In 1973 a murder of wandering Chupacabras, lost in an effort to trace the path of the Nez Percé as part of a  fraternity prank, found the young brothers abandoned at a truck stop outside Butte. Odd shaped stones were tossed into a lake (a favored tradition among gambling chupacabra) to see who would care for the infants. When all of the stones sank to the bottom, it was forseen as an omen and the group elected to raise the rosey cheeked fellows as a community.

Born with long hair, beards, and a six shooter in each hand, it was only natural that the boys were gifted artists. Soon they set out from the snowy wastelands of Montana to search out their fortune, in the desert wastelands of Nevada. The Fillbachs assure me that when they eventually claim their birthright, and ascend the throne of this earthly realm, that they will be kind masters. As long as they get their tithe of Miller High Life.




Seth Kumpf was born on the 3rd of New May in the year 2732 in the Space Quaker colony on Delta Persei II. Seth found the twin challenges of growing up in the stoic Space Quaker colony and surviving the harsh seasonal changes of Delta Persei’s binary star system to much to bear and ran away from home at the age of 17. Stowing away on a time barge, Seth escaped to Columbus Ohio where he graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Seth is totally normal for a Space Quaker from the future, and you’d never know it by looking at him, speaking with him, or shaking any of his many hands. Seth collects collects clouds with interesting shapes that he finds on his many long walks in the Aurora Borealis, and spends his free time doing other totally normal human things, like walking dogs, whistling, and tasting electricity. Seth and his earth guardian Andrew Meyerhoefer (don’t attempt to pronounce it with your flimsy Terran tongue) are responsible for Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy.