When I set out to write Infestation I was working towards a relatively simple gag. I didn’t expect the story to last more than three or four pages. I wanted to just jot down a quick cynical pastiche of the film Prometheus and others like it. Once I started writing it though, I found I had to restrain myself quite a bit.  In a very short amount of time I had started to develop something that was growing well beyond the scope of what was supposed to be a short story. This happens to me all the time. Try to write something short and quick, end up writing a script that covers 50 pages and still seems inadequate.

Vote Giant Squid.

I ended up pulling a lot out of Infestation as I redrafted it, and this shows a little bit, although I suspect I’m the only person who will notice. What I kept was the essence of the story. A mysterious structure. Some investigators who use poor methodology, and, naturally, the monster.

His spidery warmth provides nutrients

You gotta have a monster.

When you hear a noise in the night, this guy is rearranging your shoes.

Seth turned in several slightly different iterations during the design process. They’re very monstery and I love them all.