Today is my first day back in my office since my daughter was born on December 11th.

I’m not crazy about it.

Today we have another preview image from Infestation while Seth continues to work on the pages for the story. Here’s our protagonist, Captain Christen McCall.

Captain McCall does not ice skate in the story.

On a more positive note, I have good news on a long delayed upcoming project. Two years ago I wrote Tales From Fremont Street, a comic book to support the Las Vegas Valley Library District. Well, to be more accurate, I wrote two stories in the anthology book, and wrote the characters and framework for the other stories. It was a good book. People liked it. I still have a box of them somewhere. When you see me, feel free to buy one. Or ten. Or fifty. We had planned a followup book to debut at the next Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival this past November. That didn’t happen for a variety of reasons. The script I wrote last year has gone through a number of significant changes, and with direction from my editor we’ve gone back to the outline stage. We met to discuss the latest version of the outline yesterday and agreed on all the major points.

I’ve started redrafting the script. Seth has started designing the characters and settings. Local artists are being selected for the project. The book has a title.