Returning to work the day after a holiday is always somewhat disorientating. I tend to forget which key opens the door of my office, or where I placed the charger for my phone. I’ve only been out of the office for a few days, but it feels like I’ve just returned from extended safari on the Serengeti. “You mean I have to sit in this chair all day and read email and make phone calls and tell a bunch of people what to do, and I have to WEAR pants?”

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving went well. If you’re not from the US, I hope you’re getting over being asked if your Thanksgiving went well by every website in the universe. I, for the record, had a great holiday weekend. I smoked a turkey on the Weber grill, drank three bottles of bourbon, saw Skyfall, and finished my second run through of Mass Effect 3. The latter was somewhat poorly timed as we’ve now officially entered the Christmas shopping season, a season where I’m forbidden from buying anything for myself. I’m left now with no game to play for 30 days.

Maybe I’ll take up Minecraft?