The only bad thing about Kukuburi is that the creator, Ramon Perez, started working for Marvel on a run of Wolverine & the X-Men, and hasn’t had time to update his webcomic in months.

Kukuburi is the story of Nadia, a package delivery girl stuck in a rut, who walks through a garden gate into a wonderfully insane dreamscape alternate reality full of flying whales, magic hats, floating islands, and a protagonist of singular evil with a distinct lack of flesh.

The comic is beautiful illustrated and exquisitely designed. The creatures are imaginative and vibrant, and the Ramon very quickly manages to rope in his audience with characters that they care about. The story is well crafted and very clearly thought out. As I wrote this I went back and read the entire run, and noticed many clues in the beginning that suggest the story is following a plan.

I sure hope Ramon gets the time to return to Kukuburi, because I really want to see where this is all going.