There is a tradition in American primary education of science teachers being barely controllable eccentric goofballs. It’s such a pervasive ideal that it has penetrated our popular culture and most of us can probably recall at least one science teacher who fit part of the mold. It has something to do with the rise of Bill Nye, Mr. Wizard, and Richard Feynman. There must be something about making science engaging for children that requires the perception of borderline insanity coupled with an evangelical devotion to explaining science and a fondness for explosive theatrics.

Now, imagine your High School physical science teacher wasn’t just a wild haired mental patient with a flask and legal access to dangerous chemicals, but was genuinely amusing, and made webcomics. That man would be Zach Weiner.

Weiner (That’s a German W so it’s pronounced “penis”) had been illustrating and writing Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal since 2002. Initially started as a character based, Weiner evolved the comic into a broader scope with no set format or character base. Although similar appearing characters tend to show up, the focus of the comic is on the science and philosophy based observational humor of the author, and characters are rarely even named. Weiner’s humor is sharp, and runs the gamut from straight forward single panel comics, to reflections on the nature of God, to lengthy diatribes about higher education priorities. If you ever enjoyed the Far Side, it’s probably a safe bet that you’ll enjoy SMBC.