Who doesn’t like a good dick joke? Probably the Amish. They seem like they probably don’t like dick jokes. Everyone else is totally on board though. I’m sure of it.

Oglaf is a weekly updated webcomic written and illustrated by Trudy Cooper, an Australian based illustrator who’s also responsible for the long running and award winning webcomic Platinum Grit. According to the NSFW banner, Oglaf started out “as an attempt to make Pornography. It degenerated into sex comedy pretty much immediately.”

I’ll be straight with your here, this isn’t for everyone. There’s a lot of naughtiness going on in this webcomic, and not all of it is hetero naughty. If that bothers you, I’d recommend taking a pass. If, on the other hand, it doesn’t bother you, you’ll find tittalating dick jokes, busty nymphs, and insane sex crazed dwarven master smiths. Set in a quasi-Medieval Adventuresque fantasy land, Oglaf seems to delight in turning the Sword and Sorcery theme on its head with irreverence. The comic features single page jokes as well as several on going stories that are more or less related.

Not only is the illustration at Oglaf top notch, demonstrating a keen eye for the human figure as well as an apparent fondness for uncircumcised men, but the layout is on point, and well budgeted for the chosen page size. Even on going stories tend to have pages that stand (somewhat) alone for the casual reader. Despite having a sophomoric tone, Oglaf tends to feature well crafted gags, and infrequently stumbles into more highbrow territory. Mostly just dick jokes though.