I don’t read webcomics as much as I used to, but I tend to read a greater diversity of webcomics than I did when I read a lot of them. I tend to come across new ones, or one shots, that are so good I feel like I’ll bust if I don’t share them. I’ve been linking to the good ones when I find them from my Google+ page, but I’m not sure how much traffic that tends to draw, or if I’m even hitting the correct audience.

Seems to me like this would be a good place to share that information, and so I’m going to start a new regular feature on this blog where I link to webcomics I think deserve some merit and traffic. Hey! We could call it Wednesday Webcomics!

So, here’s your first Wednesday Webcomics recommendation.

Mystery Babylon is written and illustrated by a charming and talented young lady named Val Hochberg. I first met Val at Phoenix Comic Con in 2011. Brian Miller of Hi-Fi Color brought her by my booth and introduced her as Shy Val, whereupon she immediately launched into a fit of giggles, hiding her face behind the collar of her sweater. Brian told me he thought she’d make a good fit for World Famous Comics.

I checked out Mystery Babylon that night when I got back to my hotel, and I was impressed. Val delivers an illustration style that flows easily between manga standards and western animation. Her layout and panel flow are very good. What really blew me away though was the quality and complexity of the story she was writing.

Mystery Babylon inhabits a world that exists one thousand years in the future, after the collapse of our civilization. A new civilization has arisen from the old. The titular protagonist is a survivor from the old civilization, granted extended age by as yet unexplained methods. She also happens to be the same character as Val’s earlier work, Kick Girl. The story rations out clues about the past while effortlessly moving forward on a new adventure.

If you’ve read Kick Girl, there’s frustratingly little detail about what happens in the thousand years between the two stories, but Val assures me that she intends to reveal the clues to Babylon’s past and tie up the loose threads from the earlier story.

If you like adventure, comedy, and an angry lady with anger control problems who survived a thousand years of potentially global conflict, then give Mystery Babylon a read. It would sure make Val happy. And probably giggle.