When I first started writing Corner Shot, No Magic I had only a single image in my mind. A dilapidated pickup, its demonic yellow high beams splitting the night of an isolated desert highway, driven wildly by an angry woman and accompanied only by her battered prisoner. Today’s preview is the roughs for the four panels that capture that image. This was the first page of the story I wrote, but it’s now the second page of the comic you will see in a few weeks.

Letting your characters guide the creation of a story has it’s pros and cons. On the plus side, as a writer you tend to find that this process reveals aspects of the characters that you weren’t noticing yourself. On the other side of that equation, when you allow your subconscious to run free and inform the decisions of your characters, they sometimes take actions that reveal troubling aspects of yourself. On the gripping hand, the story can go right off the rails in exciting and interesting ways.

Corner Shot, No Magic started as a story experiment titled The Corners Hold No Magic, a story about a woman who had suffered trauma in her life, and dealt with her demons in all the wrong ways. She piloted the story down some fairly dark paths from that single starting image, and the story took a direction that surprised me somewhat. It also grew beyond that first image as an adequate launch for the story. After converting the prose of the short story The Corners Hold No Magic, into the comic script, Corner Shot, No Magic, Seth delivered the rough layouts and I found that something had been lost in the translation. We needed something else to more solidly present the setting, and provide the characters some more depth. So the first page of the story became the second page of the comic, and I wrote a new first page.

You’ll get to see that soon.