Memorial Day is an interesting holiday. On the last Monday in May, Americans set aside some time to commemorate the military men and women who have given their lives in service to their nation.

For many Americans it’s a solemn occaison.They decorate grave, raise flags, and shake the remaining hand of an old man with a grim face.

For others it’s just another three day weekend. An excuse to go to the beach and drink during the day.

For some, it’s an opportunity to complain about what they perceive as the dangers of nationalism and the glorification of military service.

I’m a veteran myself, and I don’t much care for the latter group. I think they’re a bit naive, but I spent my time in the Army so they could say those kinds of things if they wanted to. I don’t really hold it against them.

For me, Memorial day is about remembering and reflection. Reflection on the sacrifices of those before me, and those to come.

Which doesn’t mean I’m not going to take the opportunity to drink during the day.

In this, Captain Freebird and I are of a similar mind.