Last Saturday I put on my World Famous Comics hat and set up a booth at the second annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival. It’s a small show, with around 1000 attendees, and this was our first attendance, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lasting only five hours on Saturday afternoon, the festival is in reality one segment of the larger Vegas Valley Book Festival, a week long event that draws authors such as Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Gaiman.

We brought Spencer Brinkerhoff III.

What, you’ve never heard of Spencer Brinkerhoff III? You think I’m just making that name up? If Spencer could hear you laughing… well, he’d probably laugh too. Spencer is just about one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He’s been doing licensed illustration for Lucasfilm properties for right around 2 years, and in that short amount of time has made something of a wave. He has a unique animated style of illustration that really sets him out from the crowd.
And did I mention he’s super nice? Like, Norman Rockwell kinda nice. I’ve only rarely seen someone on the exhibitor side of the table willing spend so much time and energy connecting with fans. Spencer is a great addition to the WFC roster.

Given the size of the show I wasn’t really sure what to expect. We were one of maybe twenty exhibitors and vendors, most of whom were set up under rented tents in the courtyard and along the side walk outside a public library. Traffic was sparse in the morning, comprised largely of confused Employment Challenged Individuals. Towards the middle of the afternoon it picked up though, and we had a pretty good time. If you were there and you came by the booth, thanks. If you weren’t, maybe we’ll see you next year.