Have you ever had one of those days where you spend all day running errands, driving back and forth across town, with the nagging thought, deep in the back of your animal brain, that there’s something you’ve forgotten. Some task left uncompleted. You remember, the night before, when you said to yourself, and others, “This is a thing I will forget.” While you can recall the conversation, as well as the prophetic remark, you can not recall the task itself.

I did.

I got an email from one of you around lunch time reminding me that Friday was the day for a new comic, and that one hadn’t been posted. I was no where near a computer, and wouldn’t be for some time, so I made a mental note to make arrangements later in the afternoon. Then I forgot again. Then I went out drinking. Then I fell asleep.

So, better late than never.

The implication that the tool Frank is brandishing was covered in blood. Now we know for certain. But who’s blood? A good question, one that will be addressed. I think a better question is, who is Frank’s hair dresser? This we may never discover.