We’re back. Sort of.

The Fillbachs finished up Werewolves on the Moon: Versus Vampires, and with the small amount of time they had between that intrepid accomplishment, the next volume of Clone Wars, and all the preparation for San Diego Comic Con, they busted out some more pages on the latest story. So, we’re back, sort of. Did I say that already? I wanted to emphasize the “sort of” part.

You’ll be getting some new parts of the story, but not at the previous M,W,F schedule. For the time being you’ll be getting them on Friday’s, every other week. I know, you want more. Always more. I can appreciate that, but hey, it’s free. So. Shut up. Every other week is better than nothing.

If you’re going to be at San Diego Comic Con (the obvious follow up question is “why wouldn’t you?” and the obvious answer is “because I don’t want to spend a week with 150,000 comic book nerds who are all complaining about how few comic books there are at the show.”), the Fillbach Brothers and I will be at the World Famous Comics booth. Row 4900, booth 4918, in the Fantasy Illustrators section. We’ll be there with our friends and fellow artists, Justin Chung, Joe Corroney, and Brian and Kristi Miller of Hi*Fi Color.

All of the artists will be doing signings, some will be doing sketches, and most will be selling original art.

I’ll also have a limited number of copies of Roninspoon Theater for sale, all printed up in little comic book form with color covers. Come on by, we’d love to see ya.