There ups and downs when you work with proffesional artists. Thankfully, the Fillbach brothers aren’t prone to some of the poor habits of many other artists. They are swift, accurate and dedicated to their craft. They still share many of the same traits and habits of their professional brethren, among those traits is the need to eat.

It’s sad but true, even artists need to eat. Eating requires money and webcomics, especially new ones, don’t make bunkiss. Roninspoon Theater has so far generated revenue totaling 18 cents. That is far short of what I would consider “good.”

So, paying jobs take priority. The Fillbachs are currently neck deep in the next Clone Wars book as well as their new project for Dark Horse that was announced at NYCC, Werewolves On the Moon.

Which is all a very long way of saying “Sorry, no comic today.” I know that consistency is the life blood of webcomics and I apologize. We’ll be back on track with Happy Birthday, Major Tom soon. We’ve got some good stuff I’m the works for the future.