The Phoenix ComiCon is a small show, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was a little concerned on Friday when I cruised through the entire exhibition hall in less than an hour. The only show I regularly attend is Comic Con International in San Diego. To compare the two shows is unfair, but it was hard not to do so despite that.

I kept hearing that the show had continued to grow in recent years, but the crowd seemed scant and I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right decision. I had some friends at the show though and so sticking it out seemed like a good idea.

Fortunately, Saturday made up for Friday. The crowd came and I’m told there were about 5000 people who finally showed up. From what I could tell, about half of them were anime cos players. Bless them and the passion they have for their hobby.

I made the rounds, pressed the flesh and passed out all the minicomics I brought with me. Mostly to other artists and writers, but also to a number of fans when the situation presented itself. At least, I assume they’re fans now that they have a copy of the comic.

Everyone was very receptive to the minicomic and some seemed to really like it. Hang on to your seats, I’m about to name drop like the unpopular girl at a 20 year high school reunion who’s the CEO of a software company now.

Michael Stackpole and James A. Owen where sitting at adjoining tables and I had a lengthy discussion with them about online comics, the web as a medium for comic distribution and how to make money on it, if that’s even possible.

Rob Osborne was very supportive, as were his neighbors for the weekend, Tony DiGerolamo and Chris Moreno.

The guys at 7000 B.C. had high praise for the baby shovel back cover of the comic, calling it “delightfully wicked.” Judging from their regular publication, String, this is a compliment.

Meeting up with friends is one of the best parts of cons, and thankfully, some of mine were able to make it. Dan Parsons, David Rabbitte, Spencer Brinkerhoff III, Brian and Kristy Miller and Tom Hodges took turns being entertaining as well as entertaining me. In addition, I met Jess Hickman, Scott “Doc” Vaughn who I’m now counting as friends as well. I don’t know if they understand that this means I expect them to buy me drinks.

I also managed to run into Frank Rapoza and his crew who happen to be from Las Vegas too. It’s a small world.

All these people are doing great things. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

I’m calling the Phoenix ComiCon a win.