A whole box of mini comics

A whole box of mini comics

Friday morning I’ll be loading up the car and heading to Arizona for the Phoenix ComiCon. This will be my first trip to the Phoenix ComiCon. I hear it’s a show on the grow and so the plan is to check it out, see where the wind is blowing.

I don’t have a table or booth this year. Primarily because I’m profoundly lazy and an obstinate procrastinator, and thus by the time we started thinking about attending, there was no room left at the inn.

The Fillbachs had planned on attending, but some 11th hour Lucasarts snafu has sidelined them for this show. In this we see the wisdom of my procrastination, as there’s little reason for us to have a table if it’s just me. No one cares about the writer, illustrators are the rock stars of the comic book world.

I'm really quite friendly.

I'm really quite friendly

I had the first three stories of Roninspoon Theater printed into a mini ashcan for distribution at the show this weekend. As you can see here, I’ve got a whole box full of the books, and I’m just itching to give them away. Since I won’t have a table, it might be kind of hard to track me down for one. If you see me, stop me and ask; if I have one, I’ll be glad to give you one. If you don’t know what I look like, I look just like this photo. I hope I see you at the show.