Oh Christ, ants. Remind me to tell you some time how much I hate ants, and why. It’s really a great story that makes me look foolish and weak. There’s a lot of laughing.

It’s not exactly the cheeriest cartoon to debut on Christmas Eve. If you hadn’t noticed, we’re not exactly the cheer and falalala crowd. We’ll be following up Christmas with a page that will take the story into… less cheerful territory.

Draft of the cover for Roninspoon Theater

Draft of the cover for Roninspoon Theater

The Phoenix Comicon is coming up next month, the weekend of the January 23rd-25th. I hear the show is growing in size as fans and vendors both look for something a little less insane than the San Diego ComicCon, which is in danger of becoming it’s own nation. I understand SDCC applied for a seat at the UN last year.

Since I’m in relative proximity, I’ll be heading out to check out the show. Since the show is growing so fast, tables were booked far in advance, so I won’t be sitting behind a card table all weekend. I have some conflicted feelings about that. I’ll still be able to hook up with some friends, and hopefully meet some new people. Let me know if you plan to attend.

I plan to have an ashcan of Roninspoon Theater put together to pass out at the show. Take a sneak peek at the draft of the cover.