And just like that From the Shower, I Nearly Saved the World is finished. I hope you enjoyed it. Monday will start a new story, Dug In, about an Army patrol in the desert, pinned down by a sniper in open country, wounded, and out running out of water. It’s a relatively short story that I wrote eight years ago, examining how things like camaraderie and order break down when survival and hopelessness are the greatest priority.

The Fillbachs tells me that they’ve rendered it in a macabre fashion and that it will probably last a while. I’m pretty excited to see it.

I picked up Warren Ellis’ Aetheric Mechanics at the comic store the other day. It’s a graphic novella, as opposed to novel, and I presume that’s because it’s a little thin in comparison to some graphic novels. I’m a big fan of Ellis, so much so that I’ve even been buying his recent run on Astonishing Xmen, a book I haven’t bought or read in nearly 10 years.

Aetheric Mechancis is in black and white, which may disappoint some people, but not me. At first it seemed like it was little more than a steam punk pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, but as the story unraveled I was rewarded with more depth and a satisfying twist. The story explores some more of the themes introduced in Planetary, namely, the relationship between reality and fiction, and the impact both can have on the other. Well worth the read. Like almost all of the Ellis oeuvre, I recommend it.