Shnickey! It’s a web comic. Well, it’s most of a webcomic. We have the hosting, a title, some snappy easy to install content management and a pleasant presentation. We even have this here blarg post. What you may notice is conspicuously absent, is the actual comic.

There’s a whole bunch of them written. Honestly. The Fillbachs tell me they’ll have the first few pages delivered tonight sometime. That will give me nearly 3 whole days to put off posting them for our projected launch date of 31 October. That’s Halloween by the way.

To commemorate that most spooky of days, we’ll be starting off with a Halloween story, one that I wrote in 2006 for Calamity Jon’s Boo! Halloween Stories project. Sadly, I couldn’t find anyone to illustrate the story in time to meet Jon’s deadline, or, indeed, for the next two years.

I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Can’t be helped really. Fortunately, I’ve got myself some partners now, the Fillbach Brothers. Wielding pens and pencils like Crom engorged barbarians on the side of a van they deftly, and with T-800 like precision, etch their drawrings into the very essence of space and time. Or, on 8.5×11 copy paper, whichever is handier.